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    Morgan Silver Dollars are plentiful and easy to obtain. They can be found in the inventory of many dealers who sell United States coins.

    There are, however, those knowledgeable, sophisticated collectors and investors who insist upon the best of the best . . . the rarest of the rare.

    It is for this elite clientele that I relentlessly pursue every high end Morgan dollar I can find. I never buy a coin that I would not want to keep for myself.

    We offer high end Morgans bearing pedigrees from the greatest collections in United States numismatic history . . . Eliasberg, Norweb, Jack Lee, Wayne Miller, just to name a few.

    In addition to high end, pedigreed Morgans, we also carry a small selection of type coins, modern commemoratives, gold bullion and lower end Morgan Dollars.

    If you would like to talk about Morgans, call me. If you are finishing your Morgan set and need help finding those dates that have eluded you, call me. If you are interested in starting a collection of Morgan Silver Dollars, call me. If you have Morgan dollars or other rare coins that you would like to have appraised, call me. I will bring my 20+ years of experience in the Morgan dollar market to your assistance. We buy, sell, trade and appraise.

    We pride ourselves on running our business with honesty and integrity. Every coin that we sell comes with our unconditional guarantee of authenticity and satisfaction. "If you don't love it, ship it back . . . no problem!"

    Please give me a call and let me know what you're looking for. Don't be shy . . . I love talking about silver dollars! At any given time, I have $2 - 3 million of inventory that is available for immediate sale. I love Morgan and Peace dollars and am constantly buying, selling, trading and upgrading my set. Always available are dollars which range in price from several hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars.

    You can always reach me at 607-257-5349 (10 a.m. - midnight, 7 days a week!). In the event that you get our friendly answering service, please leave a message, including your phone number and the best time to reach you and I will call you back as soon as I can.

    Thank you, Michael

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